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It’s been a long and hard year in Italy: political turmoil, economic uncertainty, religious upheaval.
But sometimes, we believe, just getting people to smile can make a difference. We asked ourselves:
Actual slide from early creative presentations. And so the idea was born:
Actual slide from early creative presentations. We went to the drawing board, trying to get it technically right as well as seeking to make it happen.
After trial and error, a lot of patience and some help from a technician, there it was: a smiling Coca-Cola 'Happy Can'!
While taking it to full scale production for retail will require more engineering, testing and some legal steps… we rushed to bring Happy Can to the streets to open up the smiles of every passer-by.
One fine spring morning, with the first rays of sun, the people of Milan woke up to see the Happy Can smiling out at them. This poster was placed on the busy street Via Torino.
We also placed it indoors for closer interactions:
And here was the Coca-Cola Happy Can in Rome’s famous Piazza Campo dei Fiori, on busy market day:
See the film of the posters going up.
Also in Rome and Milan, as well as Turin, Genoa, Florence and Bologna, we put Coca-Cola’s Happy Can on the back cover of free newspapers for thousands of commuters to see.
Open up to a smile. Open Happiness.
"A smile is contagious. We wanted to launch quite a few on the streets, and brighten up the moods." Miguel Bemfica, Chief Creative Officer McCann
"This idea plays with our packaging - the can - and manages in a simple design tweak to project what our brand is about."
Francesco Cibò, Creative Excellence Manager, Coca-Cola
"We initially developed this idea as packaging innovation, yet fast enough we realized it is just as powerful as an ad. We went to the extreme of stripping all branding... and it still works."
Andrei Kaigorodov, Regional Account Director, McCann
"The ambition is to bring the Happy Can to the shops. People everywhere will open up to a smile." Lee Tan, Creative Director McCann
Full team credits: Francesco Cibò - Creative Excellence Manager Central & Southern Europe Andreas Dahlqvist - Vice Chairman
Miguel Bemfica - Chief Creative Officer
Lee Tan - Executive Creative Director
Giovanni Chiarelli - Creative Director
Giovanni Berutti - Art Director
Roberto Amboldi - Copywriter
Fabio Cimino - Director of video case
Andrei Kaigorodov - Regional Account Director LSD Studio - Poster Photography Video case - Why Worry Productions
Diego Pandisi - Executive Producer

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